Away but still taking pics

Despite being away for  a few days, I managed to get in an interview yesterday with Sunrise Radio to discuss the BAA proposals for the Marshalling Yards.

I took my children to the best park in my parents area yesterday (Park Howard).  Here are some pics:




I do like the following bin.  It is fun and looks nice – very appropriate for an area used by children.  I wonder whether this type of bin could be an option for some of the parks in our Borough?  Will be interested to hear on various considerations e.g. price, maintenance, capacity etc?


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4 Responses to “Away but still taking pics”

  1. Peter 'bola Says:

    Nice photographs. Nice to see that our prospective MP has an eye for beauty as well as picking out the eyesores that do need cleaning up! Shame those photographs are not of a park in Hounslow. As for the bin, I have no idea how big it might actually be to the naked eye. It is difficult to scale from the photograph. It is certainly novelty to me and looks a good idea.

  2. Mark Savage Says:

    I agree with Peter about the photographs and the photographer. It would be lovely to see a degree of civic pride return to Feltham park, which currently has very little in the way of colour or formal plantings, but somehow I can’t see it happening. On the other hand, if Spelthorne can do it with The Walled Garden in Sunbury- a gem at any time of the year- why can’t we?

  3. Mark Bowen Says:

    Thanks both for your comments!

    I am keen to stress that this park is most certainly not typical of my parents area as a whole – it is by far the best in their area. I have visited a couple of others parks with my kids since then and were these two in Feltham North or anywhere else in LBH, I would be very annoyed.

    I think that the Feltham Park has improved over the last few years but it can still be better. The pond is not the standard I would like and I continue to report the problem.

    More generally, in LBH, I think that the improvements since Continental and Laing came in are vast but we can all always do better. The one improvement that certainly stands out for me, having visited all 10 wards in Feltham & Heston, is grass cutting.

  4. Graham de wey peters Says:

    it would be nice just to get the usual drinkers cleared from the alleyway entrance into Feltham park , since the removal of the benches by the bowling green , they have just moved further back from veiw, this in a CDZ as well.

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