An evening on Westmacott

Picked up a few things.  First, I noticed the following outside 19 Pacific Close:


Will ask Highways to get this repaired.

Second, the following was near 10 to 16 East Way .  The grass needs cutting and tagging needs to be removed from the sign:


The following is in Westmacott Drive but near the junction with Waterloo Close.  A little cutting back needed:


The following was taken at streetlight 6 near (I think) 10 Appleby Gardens:


Some flytipping in Windermere Close:


The following tagging is in Westmacott Drive (near junction with Grasmere Close):


Difficult to see the following signs for Grasmere Close and Derwent Close from some angles:


The following was at the rear of 14 Ennerdale Close.  I hope that this can be removed:


Again, same location but will ask if anything can be done to tidy this up?  Do not believe that it is a Council matter but will try and find out who is responsible?


The following is in Westmacott and near the roundabout and junction with Beattie Close.  I will ask for the tagging to be removed – there was also tagging on the traffic cone at the same location:


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2 Responses to “An evening on Westmacott”

  1. Riza Polat Says:

    Hello Mark,
    I hope/wish you can help our local issues.
    The public footpaths in and around the Westmacott Vale Estate, especially around Southville School & the path running along Derwent close are being used as a dumping ground for furniture,rubbish,empty cans etc. The whole area needs thoaugh cleaning.Could council consider installing litter bins & peridocially check the area with your help?
    Another problem is that youngsters on motorbikes use these foot paths.Could barrier be installed to protect this happening?
    Kind Regards & thanks for your help in advance.
    3 Derwent Close Feltham TW14 9QL

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    Welcome to the blog!
    I will report these matters. It is possible that more information will be required but I will be in touch if that is the case.

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