More in Feltham North

Was out and about last Saturday morning and here are some of the things I saw.  The play area between Becketts Close and Field Road was looking in excellent condition:



The following was in Harlington Road West (slip road) near the junction with Becketts Close.  Not exactly certain why it is marked up but I will ask (my guess is that it has sunk a little?):


I know that there has been some comment about the Crown and Sceptre since it closed but about to reopen.  Here is what I saw:



I will make an enquiry with licensing about when this will be considered.

The following was taken opposite 59 & 61 Beeston Way – will ask for the tagging to be removed:


The following is opposite 91 Beeston Way – very difficult for someone with a pram to use this footway:


The following was outside 82 Hounslow Road, Hounslow.


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