Feltham Park earlier today

Not taken my kids to the most local park for a few weeks but we went along earlier this afternoon.  Some really good things such as the lack of tagging on the play equipment and the high use of the tennis & basketball courts but a few things worth reporting.

The worst thing I saw was the amount of rats (I think I saw 5).  I did not manage to get a picture of one because they moved very fast but here was the bushes I saw them running in and out of:



Some small bits of glass not far from the elder childrens’ swings:


And, here is a close up at the type of glass:


Some tagging at the rear of the Assembly Hall:


The following used to be a balancer or something like that but, as you will see, there is a piece missing:


I will ask if this can be replaced.

I took a look at the pond.  The following sign does not serve any purpose with the amount of tagging.  I will ask if this can be updated?


I think it is looking less bad than a few weeks ago but not the standard I would like.


Something is being done – see one of the bales of straw in the pond:


I could not see a lifebuoy anywhere – inside or outside the pond:



There is a hole in the fencing at one of the entrances to the tennis courts:


Saw the following the other side of the courts:


And, finally, loads of gas around the tree near the entrance to the park and the Assembly Halls:


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