Another example of how we mean business

I love it when things are turned around.  Like it or not, the current administration has raised the profile of planning enforcement possibly more than any other Council in the country.  Here is the latest showing that we mean business.

These changes have been welcomed by the vast majority of people with whom I have spoken.


One Response to “Another example of how we mean business”

  1. Peter 'bola Says:

    Very well done to the Council for enforcing the rules. Those who stick to the rules are not fools and the only way to demonstrate that is to enforce those rules. It may not seem obvious but what distinguishes a civilised society where things generally work from those societies where things don’t work is that in civilised and organised societies, an individual cannot behave as he pleases or with impunity. He must comply with the rules and is equal as the other person before the law.

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