Three years to go

Three years to go until the 2012 Olympics.  I passed the site recently when on the bus to Norwich North.  Looks like things are really taking shape.   As I have said on the blog previously, and it was well known before the blog was created, I was opposed to London’s bid for the games (before the bid was successful) but throughout I agreed strongly with the advocates of winning the games that it is all about legacy.  I see that in two aspects:

  1. I want to see more people, especially girls and young women participating in sport;
  2. I want the facilities built to be viable and sustainable.

I confess that I have to hold my nose to references from this article such as,

“A Herculean effort by everyone on the 2012 project, from the planners to the construction workers, means we are ahead of schedule and on budget.”

As someone who works within the Project Management world, I understand why those involved in the running of the project can say that, but I think that Politicians should be careful.  The original bid was for something like a quarter of the current budget.


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