Norwich North

I spent the day in Norwich earlier today helping the party and its candidate, Chloe Smith, in advance of Thursday’s by-election.  I went along on a bus organised by Conservative Home.

On the way, there we watched House of Cards.   I have honestly never seen it before – wow, it was good!

When we arrived, we were welcomed by Theresa May MP.


Then the candidate said a few words:


Here was the base for the day:


One of the things I looked out for was (1) whether there were many posters? etc and (2) which party had the most?  I think that the honest answer is (1) not really and (2) Each party had some and it depended on the part of the constituency.  Here is a Labour one:


A Conservative one:


Labour again:


And, a Green Party one:


I saw a few for UKIP and Lib-Dems also.

At the end, the Party Chairman, Eric Pickles MP,  said a few words of thanks.  I was sitting behind him:


Not sure what to make of the latest attempt of the Labour Party to secure victory?  No, I am sure – it is nuts!

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2 Responses to “Norwich North”

  1. Scott Says:


    A great day was had by all yesterday. It was a really good effort by all the team and it’s good to see some of the photos.

    Great blog by the way, I’ll make sure I pop in from time to time!

    Regards and best wishes,


  2. Phil Andrews Says:


    You won’t like me for saying it but I’m actually quite impressed by that Labour poster. It certainly contrasts favourably with the underhand tactics employed repeatedly by the same party in Hounslow (“You call it dishonesty, we call it politics!”).

    At a time when their party itself is deeply unpopular it makes sense, from a Labour perspective, to latch onto an emotive issue of this kind and put some clear water between their candidate and their opponent. In saying this I’m assuming the Tory candidate is actually pro-hunting btw?

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