John Hartson

His current state of health is front page on the bbc website.  He is clearly in a very serious condition and I really do hope he can pull through.  I have a lot of time for John Hartson, who was a great football player and popular everywhere he played – a great servant to Welsh Football.  Only in the past few weeks, I listened to him speaking as a pundit on the Welsh Language football programme, Sgorio.

Also worth having a read about testicular cancer.  I will be encouraging my friends to read up and be conscious of their health.

Pob Lwc John!


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2 Responses to “John Hartson”

  1. Phil Andrews Says:

    I agree with you entirely Mark. As a player John Hartson was a good, traditional, gutsy centre forward who always gave 100% whether playing for club or country. 34 is no age for a man to be inflicted with such a terrible illness and let’s hope and pray that he comes through it.

  2. Peter 'bola Says:

    I wish John Hartson well as a Gooner.

    However I still find it chilling the vicious kick he aimed at the head of the Isreali player Eyal Berkovic when both played for West Ham, a kick that connoted more than just a disagreement between two players.

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