Take Back Power Hounslow

The above events have been taking place this week.  I went along to Isleworth yesterday and was in the audience.  Earlier this evening, I was the other side of the table and was on the panel as Mary Macleod had a long standing engagement.  Cllr Andrew Dakers deserves credit for organising these meetings and for putting up his own money in advance to pay for the venues and advertising etc.  His parents were also working very hard in supporting his efforts and I really enjoyed speaking with them before & after the two events.

Here are some pictures from the first event in Isleworth:


When I was leaving, I noticed the following (I did not see them there when I entered):


Here are some pictures from the event in Hounslow:


From LtoR: Cllr John Connelly, Cllr Andrew Dakers, Peter Hughes (President, Brentford Chamber of Commerce), Me, John Hunt (Green Party)

And, at the end with people beginning to leave:


Whilst it would have been nice to have seen more in Hounslow, both meetings surpassed my own expectations.

I do not think I changed my own view on anything in any fundamental way but these discussions are very helpful.

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