Bedfont Lakes (Clockhouse Lane entrance)


Went along to Bedfont Lakes with the wife & kids last Sunday. Another part of the gem – really lovely!  I went to meet some people who are very active in promoting the area – very impressive and energetic they are too!

Some pictures:



Here is me with the kids:

Bedfont Lakes  Jul 5 09 013a

If you are a regular visitor to Bedfont Lakes, give this entrance a try for a change.  If you never visit Bedfont Lakes, please do so – you and the kids (if you have them) will love it!


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  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Bedfont Lakes is indeed a gem, Mark- which makes it all the more the pity that at the time I am writing this, I would normally have been there enjoying the annual Country Fayre, as I have done for many years along with others.

    Unfortunately, both for economic reasons and to make a point, I have had to boycott it, following the introduction of an entry charge of £2 per person. Given we are in the midst of a recession, this is astounding, especially when it does not seem calculated to actually cover the costs of the event (over which there have never previously been problems), but to generate income for their own coffers.

    The argument put forward by John Laing- about there being no charge for parking- is very poor, and shows how ill thought out this move was. This event has been free for the past twelve years, but more importantly it has been free to the very organisations that make this community tick- people like the Townswomen’s Guild and the Feltham Local History Group. Both of these groups pulled out of having a stall this year when faced with an ourtrageous charge of £25 being levied by JLIS. Come to think of it, why were JLIS involved in the charging anyway; did they not sub-contract the managment of parks and open spaces to Continental Landscapes?

    What is more concerning, though, is the power that JLIS seemingly had to effectively charge for entry to a PUBLIC park, which local residents already pay for through their council tax.

    I would like to think that Hounslow Council still retain ultimate control of this public facility, and that next year would take the power to intervene to reverse this ridiculous decision- though I won’t hold my breath. Of course, though,I don’t need to remind you that we may well have a different administration, locally and nationally by then. There are no guarantees the former will be Conservative-controlled (or indeed the latter!)

    All parties in this sad state of affairs, meanwhile would do well to learn from the experience of Eastbourne Borough Council- I can give you a link if you wish- which even generated a Facebook group. Residents last year were charged £5 for the privilege of walking along their own seafront, where the previously free “Airbourne” air show was taking place. Needless to say, residents and visitors alike revolted, the event made a huge loss and the council this year had to conceed their error and again make it free.

    A great chance to publicise the new Bedfont Road footbridge- now open- as well as encouraging even greater take up of Bedfont Lakes excellent leisure- and indeed fitness- facilities has been lost, I fear, by a short-sighted decision taken by a seemingly unaccountable commercial company, with the Executive of Hounslow Council doing nothing. But no doubt the “spin” in the Chronicle this week will tell a very different story.

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