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Another example of how we mean business

July 30, 2009

I love it when things are turned around.  Like it or not, the current administration has raised the profile of planning enforcement possibly more than any other Council in the country.  Here is the latest showing that we mean business.

These changes have been welcomed by the vast majority of people with whom I have spoken.

Staines Road, Bedfont

July 28, 2009

These were taken earlier this evening near the parade of shops in Staines Road opposite New Road and Page Road.  I reported these on Monday so will find out why they ahve not been taken away:



Three years to go

July 27, 2009

Three years to go until the 2012 Olympics.  I passed the site recently when on the bus to Norwich North.  Looks like things are really taking shape.   As I have said on the blog previously, and it was well known before the blog was created, I was opposed to London’s bid for the games (before the bid was successful) but throughout I agreed strongly with the advocates of winning the games that it is all about legacy.  I see that in two aspects:

  1. I want to see more people, especially girls and young women participating in sport;
  2. I want the facilities built to be viable and sustainable.

I confess that I have to hold my nose to references from this article such as,

“A Herculean effort by everyone on the 2012 project, from the planners to the construction workers, means we are ahead of schedule and on budget.”

As someone who works within the Project Management world, I understand why those involved in the running of the project can say that, but I think that Politicians should be careful.  The original bid was for something like a quarter of the current budget.

Latest on John Hartson

July 27, 2009

I am pleased to read that there has been some improvement in his condition.  Football fans and non-football fans everywhere, please keep him in your thoughts.

Hansard goes back further

July 27, 2009

I have a confession to make – I love Hansard.  Furthermore, I enjoy reading maiden speeches.

I found out this lunchtime that it is now possible to go far back as 1950.  Before that, it was only possible to go back (online) to 1988.

Naturally, the first speech I went for was the one made by Patrick Ground.  I note – having also read the one made by Margaret Thatcher when she was first elected – that MPs seemed to speak far less about their constituency when making their maiden speech as compared to today when new Members enter the House.  I get the impression that Patrick was unusual in that he was genuinely very popular with all sides of the house, even amongst those who disagreed with him on most things.

And, here is the maiden speech made by Denzil Davies.  He was the MP in the constituency where I grew up and actually did speak about his constituency – I recongised the description too.  I looked up to him in a big way when growing up and I still do.

Stanwell Road, Bedfont earlier this morning

July 27, 2009


I will report this.  It was near the junction with West View.

Feltham Airparcs

July 26, 2009

Took my kids for a swim this morning (great time) but as blog readers would probably have guessed, I am a bit obessive about refuse disposal and noticed this:



I do not think that the above is appropriate.   Will ask what will be done to avoid this in future?

Flooding on Friday

July 26, 2009

I am sure that it is an enquiry that could be made by many people in many parts of the country but could the drainage not do better than it did in some parts on Friday?  Here is the slip road outside 47 to 53 Harlington Road West on Friday evening (a number of hours after it had stopped raining).  I will ask:


Yesterday morning in parts of Feltham North

July 26, 2009

A hot one yesterday so did not get around as far as I would have liked but as always picked up a few things on my travels.  No idea why the following sign is so dirty but will ask for this to be cleaned:


Will be chasing the condition of the pond (again) tomorrow!


Nursery Close was looking really lovely.  Grass verges well maintained and next to no litter.  All brilliant to see!  Here is a picture from the large block (44 to 76):


Just a couple of things to report.  I will report both to Hounslow Homes – location is outside block 44 to 76:



The footway in Fern Grove was benefitting from planned maintenance:


The following bollard was damaged outside 8 Harlington Road East – will report to TfL:


The following sign was pointing in the wrong direction and therefore not serving any purpose.  Will report:


And, the following had been marked out for repair outside 70 Hounslow Road.  Will chase to see by when this will happen?


Norwich North result

July 24, 2009

This is an outstanding victory.  Considerably better than I expected.  Lots of people who know Chloe Smith expect her to make a real mark in Parliament.  The very best of luck to her.

Hope has triumphed over fear!