Latest in Beavers

This morning, the family and I visited the Church of the Good Shepherd on the Beavers Estate.  After Church, I took a brief look around the estate.  I was concerned to see a number of flats – run by Hounslow Homes it would appear – on Chester Road and Beavers Lane.   Here is one picture:


Update on 29 June: Silly me – I should have realised that these empty dwellings are related to a major re-development of various blocks on the Beavers Estate, so it is actually good news!  Paperwork should be signed by the end of the summer though I do not yet know when the physical demolition etc will begin?

After that,  I wanted to see the latest with regards to the Parade of shops that vexes so many people.  Here is a selection (the first two pictures are especially unacceptable):







On the positive side, here is the condition outside Surestart:


Still wonder if the bin is being emptied frequently enough?


I am informed that there will be a site visit during the week and I received the following comments last week:

I have been communicating with officers within the Waste Management Team and have advised them to arrange 1100 litres bins for the flats above the shops to contain their waste. She and myself will also be visiting the businesses to remind them of their Duty of Care regarding their trade waste. We will also speak to the Surestart Centre next door to ensure that they have adequate arrangements for their waste and sufficient litter bins on site to contain the litter.”



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