A few pics from a morning out in Hounslow West

As always a few things to report.  First, the drain gulley in Trinity Close (junction of Cambridge Road) could be tidied up:


This bin on Cambridge Road (junction with Selwyn Close) looks rather full – will check the schedule for emptying it out (same applies for bin in Cambridge Road junction with Martindale Road):


The following flytip is in Clare Road:


And the following was in Dawn Close (junction with Martindale Road):


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One Response to “A few pics from a morning out in Hounslow West”

  1. may Says:

    Hi Mark. The litter problem is getting beyond a joke here in Hounslow. What can the council do to make people clean up after themselves? I have proper plastic dustbins to put my bin liners in and never put the rubbish out till the night before. Hounslow is sinking below a tide of bin bags! I have lived in Hounslow for nearly 14 years and I have seen big changes – not many for the better. The town centre is a disgrace and I rarely go there, unless I really have to! I feel really let down – I am a working single parent with 2 kids in good local schools, trying to bring my kids up properly – very hard to do when fellow residents take very little civic pride!

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