Last night’s Borough Council Meeting

Here was the agenda.

I answered the question in item 11 as Councillor Reid was away.   It was a highly appropriate question from my ward colleague, Gill Hutchison.  The property in Bedfont Lane is in our ward and I was truly horrified at the decision of the Planning Inspector so was only too willing to answer the question. I know that residents in the area will be horrified – I just hope that they know that it is not down to the Local Planning Authority.

Items 13 & 14 were motions proposed by members of the Conservative Group. The other motion was withdrawn as an appeal to the decision taken by the Magistrates Court has been made. With regards to item 13, if ever was an appropriate time to lose ones temper that was it.  What we exposed was clearly false and those accused expressed no shame, they did not even try to justify the comments and preferred to focus on red herrings.  On agenda item 14, the Labour Group had no interest in making a coherent argument, not that I expected one!

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One Response to “Last night’s Borough Council Meeting”

  1. Phil Andrews Says:

    Members of the Labour Group in Hounslow, in opposition, believe it is to their strategic advantage for there to be some clear blue water between themselves on the one hand and all the other groups and parties on the other.

    What they fail to understand or to accept is that notwithstanding any differences they may have, particularly with yourselves, that clear blue water is ethical rather than political.

    What future is there, realistically, for a party which openly acknowledges the lie to be a tool in its political armoury?

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