Visit to Cranford – including A312, A4 & A30 triangle – on 20 June

After going around Beavers, a few of us crossed the Great West Road.  But before doing so, we turned into Lela Avenue off Legrace Avenue and saw the following – the first is one where the rubbish needs to be collected and the fence preferably replaced:


And some tagging – hopefully the rubbish will be removed today:


On the other junction between the two streets (Lela and Legrace), I saw:


Highways need to take a look at the following:


In the streets in and around Rectory Road, Cedar Road, Windsor Road & Stansfield Road, I saw a lot of paving slabs marked up for repair.  In fairness, some of these looked like fresh markings, but I do think that all of these streets are worth a walk around.  Here are two examples:


Here is the corner of St Dunstan’s Road:


And, yet another park looking really nice:


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