Park Lane and Avenue Park, Cranford

I received an invitation to attend the relatively new Mosque in Cranford last Friday and was made to feel very welcome indeed.  I was joined by Syed Kamall MEP.

I spoke to a number of people about issues for the Mosque and in Cranford more generally.  Afterwards, I went out for a walk to take a look.   One of the issues was for those people who walked to the Mosque from work or from their homes.  The issue for pedestrians did appear to be worse when in the Hillingdon part of the street (the picture is taken in the Hounslow bit).   I will discuss this with someone I know in that Borough:


These were taken opposite the entrance to the Mosque:



These two were taken in Avenue Park itself.  It is amazing how many of these Open Spaces that we have in the Borough and I am so pleased that there has been such a major improvement in the past year in terms of maintenance.  However, I will ask about this bin and if it is fit for purpose and being emptied enough?



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  1. hassam Says:

    the dumping was worst , thanks to london borough of hounslow for doing a fantastic job that the rubbish is cleared frequently . They are doing a good job

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