Nice evening for deliveries

Out and about in Harlington Road West, Becketts Close, Lansbury Avenue, Field Road, Staines Road & The Vale with my friend and ward colleague, Gill Hutchison.

Here are some pics I took on my travels.  First one in Harlington Road West – near junction with Burns Avenue:


Second one of a tree in Burns Avenue.  I am told that when wet the branches hit pedestrians:


Third one is in the alley in the middle of the parade of shops in Harlington Road West (even side):


Fourth one is a dumped bag on the corner of Harlington Road West and Staines Road:


Fifth one is a picture of the grass verges in Staines Road – they could do with a cut:


Sixth one is of the Crown & Sceptre Pub.  Whilst it has been a while since I had a pint in there, I would be interested to know why it is boarded up:


And, finally, here is some graffiti on the wall at the side of the bungalows in Gardner Place – can just about see it on this photograph.  Access is from an alley in Lansbury Avenue (not far from junction with Harlington Road West):


It was lovely weather for it!

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2 Responses to “Nice evening for deliveries”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    I’m amazed that the deputy leader of the council apparently has no idea why a pub in the borough is boarded up. Isn’t your authority now supposed to be the licensing authority for premises serving alcohol in the area?

    Contrary to what I had imagined, i.e. closure for economic reasons, it seems that the Crown and Sceptre has been a den of iniquity of quite amazing proportions for months, if the Met’s application for a review of the premises licence is to be believed.

    No doubt you now know about this, Mark, but the answer is there for all to see at

    Click to access licensing_crown_sceptre_police.pdf

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    In fairness, I made the posting fresh after seeing it boarded up for the first time. I was not notified of the reasons before that but did seek them out afterwards.

    Out of interest, licensing matters like planning ones are amongst the few that are not vested in the Executive of the Council.

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