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Squatters in Alan Keen’s Brentford property

June 29, 2009

I found out over the weekend that the Brentford house (1st home) of Alan Keen MP has been taken over by Squatters.  Whilst I have been appalled that Alan Keen has a second property in Central London funded by taxpayers and I have been very critical of that, I do wish to put on record that I have no time whatsoever for this kind of squatting.  I took a look at one of the Squatting websites. I doubt very much that the people squatting in the property owned by Mr Keen are soldiers who have been forced into this.

What stood out for me is the following:

“The number one squatting rule, though, is to enter only empty and unused properties.”

Empty for a number of months it may have been, but it is still a property owned by people and none of us as individuals have the right to take it over like this.  The squatters may have been horrified by some of the expense claims but the best mechanism for dealing with this is traditional exposure e.g. letters to press, campaigning – and in defeating such incumbents at elections.

Shailesh Vara MP

June 28, 2009

The above addressed an event hosted by the Feltham & Heston Conservative Association last week.  He was very impressive and I thorough enjoyed talking with him.  He addressed lots of questions from MP Expenses & House Business (he is Shadow Deputy Leader of the House) to Internation Affairs.  Here is me showing him the areas that surround the Hounslow Conservative Club:


Walking into Leisure West

June 28, 2009

I was coming to the end of Victoria Road and approaching the Bingo when I saw the following near the new development.  I wish people would not throw litter like this – will report and see what can be done to (i) remove and (ii) prevent it from building up like that again:



And, I have not forgotten about the ongoing problem in Rosslyn Avenue (taken around 7pm today):


Update: Here is what the side of 119 Harlington Road West looked like this morning – totally unacceptable as collection is not until Friday:


Sports Jam 2009

June 28, 2009

I went along last year and was keen to return this year.  I took all of my children – last year it was just my eldest and I.  I really do get a buzz seeing children and young people participating in sport even if, the impact pollen has had on me, I did not show it.  Here is my son and I with James Cracknell, Olympic rowing Gold medallist, who is a Sports Ambassador:


Rachel Yankey whom I met at last year’s event also came but I did not get the opportunity to speak with her.

Latest in Beavers

June 28, 2009

This morning, the family and I visited the Church of the Good Shepherd on the Beavers Estate.  After Church, I took a brief look around the estate.  I was concerned to see a number of flats – run by Hounslow Homes it would appear – on Chester Road and Beavers Lane.   Here is one picture:


Update on 29 June: Silly me – I should have realised that these empty dwellings are related to a major re-development of various blocks on the Beavers Estate, so it is actually good news!  Paperwork should be signed by the end of the summer though I do not yet know when the physical demolition etc will begin?

After that,  I wanted to see the latest with regards to the Parade of shops that vexes so many people.  Here is a selection (the first two pictures are especially unacceptable):







On the positive side, here is the condition outside Surestart:


Still wonder if the bin is being emptied frequently enough?


I am informed that there will be a site visit during the week and I received the following comments last week:

I have been communicating with officers within the Waste Management Team and have advised them to arrange 1100 litres bins for the flats above the shops to contain their waste. She and myself will also be visiting the businesses to remind them of their Duty of Care regarding their trade waste. We will also speak to the Surestart Centre next door to ensure that they have adequate arrangements for their waste and sufficient litter bins on site to contain the litter.”

More about bins

June 27, 2009

Here are two pictures taken earlier today.  The first is by the bus stop in Faggs Road (outside Tesco).  The second is in Bedfont (opposite the Ladbrokes in Staines Road) – also some tagging on the railings:



I will find out whether schedules are adjusted for summer months when there is a chance of the use of these bins being far greater?

A few pics from a morning out in Hounslow West

June 27, 2009

As always a few things to report.  First, the drain gulley in Trinity Close (junction of Cambridge Road) could be tidied up:


This bin on Cambridge Road (junction with Selwyn Close) looks rather full – will check the schedule for emptying it out (same applies for bin in Cambridge Road junction with Martindale Road):


The following flytip is in Clare Road:


And the following was in Dawn Close (junction with Martindale Road):


Last night’s Borough Council Meeting

June 24, 2009

Here was the agenda.

I answered the question in item 11 as Councillor Reid was away.   It was a highly appropriate question from my ward colleague, Gill Hutchison.  The property in Bedfont Lane is in our ward and I was truly horrified at the decision of the Planning Inspector so was only too willing to answer the question. I know that residents in the area will be horrified – I just hope that they know that it is not down to the Local Planning Authority.

Items 13 & 14 were motions proposed by members of the Conservative Group. The other motion was withdrawn as an appeal to the decision taken by the Magistrates Court has been made. With regards to item 13, if ever was an appropriate time to lose ones temper that was it.  What we exposed was clearly false and those accused expressed no shame, they did not even try to justify the comments and preferred to focus on red herrings.  On agenda item 14, the Labour Group had no interest in making a coherent argument, not that I expected one!

Tagging in Feltham Park

June 21, 2009

Not a very clear picture, but I noticed the following Notice Board (from the alleyway at the end of Helen Avenue):


There is tagging on the notice board and at the rear of the Assembly Hall.

Visit to Cranford – including A312, A4 & A30 triangle – on 20 June

June 21, 2009

After going around Beavers, a few of us crossed the Great West Road.  But before doing so, we turned into Lela Avenue off Legrace Avenue and saw the following – the first is one where the rubbish needs to be collected and the fence preferably replaced:


And some tagging – hopefully the rubbish will be removed today:


On the other junction between the two streets (Lela and Legrace), I saw:


Highways need to take a look at the following:


In the streets in and around Rectory Road, Cedar Road, Windsor Road & Stansfield Road, I saw a lot of paving slabs marked up for repair.  In fairness, some of these looked like fresh markings, but I do think that all of these streets are worth a walk around.  Here are two examples:


Here is the corner of St Dunstan’s Road:


And, yet another park looking really nice: