Ongoing problem in Rosslyn Avenue

A number of residents have complained about bags being put out early in Rosslyn Avenue at the side of 119 Harlington Road West.  I share these concerns.  It was a real problem a few years ago and eventually went away.  Over the past couple of months or so, it has returned.  I have reported the matter a number of times.

I received the following on Friday:

“Bags are appearing against the wall, there is a bin upside down in the back yard which is a Hounslow bin, the pictures look as if the bin is broken.
If this bin is for the flats, which we believe it is, the bin needs replacing to stop residents putting the bags out on the footway.
The resident that raised this has been informed of the situation.
We arranged for the bags to be removed earlier in the week. Collection day is today. We have lettered the parade before many times.  We will letter again asking the flats to keep bags on their property until collection day. However the solution is probably to but a new bin back in the rear service road for the flats to use.
Waste and recycling have been informed regarding the broken bin collection and siting a new bin. That should help to stop this issue.”

I look forward to this new bin arriving because as of yesterday (one day after collection) this is what I saw:


I very much hope that this issue of bags out early will rise up the agenda over the next few years.  I totally understand why it upsets residents.

In the meantime, I will report this matter on Tuesday.

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