Some of the best things come to those who wait long enough

and other things are a profound disappointment after years of expectation.  Alan Keen has finally tried to explain why he needs a second property – funded by the taxpayer – in order to fulfil his role.   Here is the article.  I am possibly wrong about one thing I said – it maybe a struggle to find up to 1% of residents in Feltham and Heston who are satisfied with his explanation.

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  1. Phil Andrews Says:

    From what I can see he’s told the Chronicle that he needs a second home because he cannot get home to Brentford after late meetings at the House (is he barred from using London’s famous taxi service?).

    What he hasn’t been able to square with this is the fact that, unlike his good lady wife, he has also claimed for travel expenses.

    I guess it must be difficult to keep all those little white balls in the air at the same time?

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