Traffic/Parking proposals in Nursery Close & Fern Grove

I have received a couple of enquiries about what is planned.  I received the following remarks (do not know how to upload the PDF but contact me if you wish to see a copy):

“These proposals emanated from the consultation in the area on a possible Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). You may recall that the majority of respondents to the CPZ consultation opposed such a scheme and the West Area Committee resolved not to progress the scheme. However, because of concerns regarding obstruction to both emergency service and Council refuse and recycling vehicles and also concerns of visibility splays being blocked, the Committee resolved to pursue the introduction of double yellow lines at all junctions in the area.

The draft traffic order for these restrictions has been published and this is what the local resident will have seen in the Chronicle.

After the Committee’s decision not to proceed with a CPZ, all residents in the consultation area were advised of that decision. They were also advised of the Committee’s decision to proceed with double yellow lines at all junctions and that notices outlining the proposals would be erected on lamp columns in the area at the same time as they were advertised in the local paper. Notices in Fern Grove and Nursery Close were duly erected when the proposals were advertised in the Chronicle. These notices and the press notice advised that copies of the proposed order could be viewed on the Council’s website and would also be on display at Feltham Library and at the Civic Centre.

I attach a pdf copy of a plan of the proposals which also includes the existing waiting restrictions in Fern Grove and Nursery Close. The existing restrictions apply to both sides of Fern Grove in from its junction with Hounslow Road and then continue just on the north-east side for the full length of Fern Grove. They also continue in Nursery Close on both sides to the entrance to the garage blocks. The proposed restrictions consist of very short sections either side of the entrances to Derwent Lodge and Coniston Lodge; a section on the south-west side opposite Nursery Close; and a section on the north-east side from the junction with Nursery Close to the cul-de-sac end ( this overwrites the existing restrictions here) . This section of restrictions continues round into Nursery Close, just on the north-west side, to the entrance to the garage blocks. There is then a further section of restrictions at the ‘T’ junction in Nursery Close which continues on both sides along the narrow section in front of nos. 14-24  and around the turning circle in front of nos. 2-12 Nursery Close.

As stated above, these proposals are at draft order stage and have not yet been confirmed.”

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