Last Saturday

I was out and about most of the day (& evening before)  in Feltham North delivering the latest Half Year Report and, as always, I thought I would share some of the things I saw and intend to report.  Before that, it is worth saying that the day reinforced the immense damage that many MPs have done to politics in this country.  I represent a fantastic ward with friendly people living in it but even the banter with one or two people hit home to me how bad things are.  I was out in the morning with a friend and my mother.  She tells me one gentleman said to her that she was brave to be delivering leaflets in the current climate.  What MPs – of all main parties – have done makes me very annoyed.

Anyway, here are some of the things that I saw.  I saw these two in the carpark by the entrance to Nursery Close (from Hounslow Road):



I noticed the following Notice Board in Hounslow Road, which certainly does not look the part:


And, in Mill Way:


One key decision that is due for the Executive is on pavement parking (starting in the West Area of the Borough).  This picture illustrates, in my view, the danger of not allowing pavement parking in a street like this.  The alternative in allowing access is to put double yellows on one side of the road but this will remove lots of parking capacity and is something I would not support.

A few people have responded to the latest leaflet and I am up to date with raising enquiries – thanks to all those who have got in touch so far!

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2 Responses to “Last Saturday”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Well said on the pavement parking issue, Mark. It’s good to see a local councillor coming out on the side of common sense for once- motorists are council tax payers too! Pavement parking, within reason, is often the only sensible option in many residential roads.

    On the Sparrow Farm Estate, as you will know, a TfL-funded scheme meant certain restrictions being introduced on parking a year ago, with double yellow lines at all junctions. I was sceptical, and worried, at first, that these restrictions would cause a loss of parking space on a road which at times has a shortage of spaces. In practice, the new restrictions have worked well- except for what I regard as an abuser who consistently parks not over yellow lines, but on a side of the road that nobody else ever does, near a junction.

    One question I do have, however. About three weeks ago, a squad of “Kent Highways” roadies appeared from nowhere, and added white lines down the centre of part of Carlton Avenue (mainly over the speed cushions), together with white-lined areas marked out from part of the curb.

    The problem is, nobody ever advised why this was happening, who’s funding it (TfL, I hope)- and what the new white lined areas actually mean. Are they intended to restrict parking to this section of the road, i.e wheels must be within the white lined portion, or discourage it? It is by no means obvious. Perhaps your colleague Cllr Alan Wilson, near to whose house some of these lines have appeared might know more about it, but there was no prior advice to other residents of this new work happening. OK, it wasn’t a serious inconvenience as it didn’t take long, but I have two questions:
    !) Why did a workforce come all the way from Kent to do this- that can’t have been cheap
    2) why was there, apparently, no notification of this work and its purpose?

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    Thanks for the enquiry. I will write to the relevant department and post a response on here in the next couple of weeks.

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