A horrible time for British Politics

and, indeed, for me as a Conservative!

Ever since I have been active in the Party, the perception that friends and other associates have of our party has bothered me.  I have never accepted that most in the Party are rich, snobs, out of touch etc.  The Conservatives in Hounslow are living proof of this.

I was hugely embarrassed by the stories in the Telegraph earlier today.  Some of the claims mentioned simply look incredibly out of touch to most people.

Whilst in my pursuit of getting Alan Keen to explain why he needs a second property to fulfil his role, I have genuinely been less interested in what goes on in other constituencies.  This episode clearly changes those feelings for this is hugely damaging and do not wish to defend any of the claims mentioned.

The big saving grace for me today was the Leader, David Cameron.  Leadership at its best.  I agree with other bloggers that any Leader would have been annoyed had they been in his shoes today.

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2 Responses to “A horrible time for British Politics”

  1. M Kent Says:

    Mark –

    As a daily commuter from Feltham to Westminster, the issue of Alan Keen’s second home has always irritated me intensely as has the utter complacency of the Labour Party (local and national) to impose this man on this constituency. Is he really the best they can do?

    For the first time ever I’ve looked at his website and I have no earthly idea what on earth does this man actually do other than the important role he plays on the DCMS Whist Drive Sub-Committee.

    What’s the best way for me to complain? Clearly sending him any questions is pointless.


    Miss M Kent

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    Welcome to the blog and thanks for posting.
    I am old fashioned enough to believe that the best way to complain about an incumbent MP is to vote them out at an election. Making complaints against MPs for matters such as these, rarely has much milage – you have seen one gentleman in the neighbouring constituency take his MP to court.

    If I were to be elected as an MP, it would be a close call between commuting from Feltham Train Station or Hatton Cross?

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