Bit of out and about today

Took the children to Bedfont Lakes and not seen that busy before.  It was great seeing so many children out with their parents on a nice day.  I noted the new signage, which I have also seen in Feltham Park.

Paid a visit to Shakespeare Avenue also.  There has been quite a bit of large scale patching of various defects on the carriageway so I was pleased to see that.  I also noticed a lot more earth on the arena site.  I must request an inspection of the site soon!

Went to Fern Grove & Nursery Close this evening.  I was keen to see the footway at the former as the West Area Committee recently prioritised it as being in need of planned maintenance.  Whilst it was quite dark, it did not appear too bad.

The main thing I saw with the latter was that the notice board had info in it that was nearly 3 years old!!  Just about to write to Hounslow Homes about that.

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  1. Graham Newell Says:

    As you are talking about Feltham Arenas, have you had any time to think about my comments, reposted below:

    1. I am concerned that, as the spring arrives that the construction work that is ongoing at the Feltham arenas site may impact upon nesting birds in the area. It is illegal to disturb nesting birds under the Wildlife Act 1981, see: Wouldn’t it be a good idea if the company responsible for the redevelopment of the arenas could work with the Trees for Cities organisation and have the perimeter planted with native trees and shrubs, replacing the trees that were removed and providing a sound buffer. The proposed line of conifers will be of no advantage to wildlife and, as they grow to maturity, will result in loss of natural light in the gardens of the houses that back on to the site.

    2. I believe the whole Longford River corridor that runs for about a mile through the Glebelands/Blenheim Park area is an overlooked asset to Feltham and a valuable green space in the heart of the urban area. Wouldn’t it be nice if Hounslow Council and the Royal Parks could work together to make the area a nature reserve.

    I’d also be interested to find out who actually owns the Feltham Arenas site now, has it been sold on or is it still council property?

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    Yes, I have thought about it and, more importantly, made an enquiry. I have not yet received a response so will chase in the morning.

  3. Mark Bowen Says:

    I have received part of the answers to your questions:

    Feltham FC, I am informed, have agreed to plant new shrubs and trees to replace removed/dead/diseased species. The reason for the conifers is that they are fast growing so would provide a quick barrier. It was not the intention to leave them there. As soon as the native species matured to a certain height the conifers would be removed and more native trees planted.

    As part of the Agreement for any Lease there would be an obligation to landscape which will need to be approved by the Council first. Feltham FC have also agreed to consult with local residents. This was at the time the trees were being removed at the rear of Shaftesbury Avenue. I have been informed that someone will pass on the information regarding nesting birds.

    The Arenas is still in the Council ownership even if the Council grants a lease to Feltham FC.

    Will post more when I receive it next week.

  4. Mark Bowen Says:

    As promised, I also received the following from another Officer:

    “I am just responding to you in respect to your request about looking to designating Glebelands / Blenheim park as a nature reserve.

    I have discussed the issue with JLIS, who is aware of the history of the site and of some of the recent issues raised by local residents.

    As I understand it, one resident recently raised a complaint with JLIS as he felt that they were cutting the grass too short in Blenheim Park, and too close to the river bank. He had also complained that the staff had cut into the overgrown areas to clear litter. He felt this whole area should be left as a conservation area.

    There were also complaints raised by another resident regading litter and not enough grass cutting. Shortly after this clear up was undertaken, the former of the two residents raised his issue.

    In the case of the riverbank at Blenheim Park, our boundary stops short of the river by about 2 meters or so. However, JLIS spoke to the Royal Parks and they advise that we have ownership. In order to accommodate the former request, JLIS have asked that the grass cutting stops 2 meters short of the river bank to allow a conservation river bank.

    If however we want to designate Blenheim Park as a nature reserve, a far wider consultation would need to be undertaken with the wider community. It would also mean the loss of the site as public amenity open space, and the football club (Feltham Youth) would need to be re-located.”

  5. Mark Savage Says:

    You make much of the new signage which has appeared at JLIS/Continental Landscapes managed sites, Mark, but I haven’t seen any for Blenheim Park, ever. Indeed, there must be many local residents who are unaware of this former gravel pit turned open space, which is every bit as pleasant and valuable to the “West Area” [sic] as Bedfont Lakes.

    Unless it’s changed since I was last there for Feltham Carnival in June (sadly, very poorly attended this year due to poor publicity; were you there yourself as one of our local councillors?), there are no signs pointing to Blenheim Park nor any at either the road entrance by the “ex-servicemen’s club”, or the footbridge from the Glebelands and certainly not the footpath entrance through Hawkes Road.

    Is there any chance of the council using some cash to get better signage for Blenheim Park? It would certainly help the carnival!

  6. Mark Bowen Says:

    I will make some enquiries about this and post a response on the blog.
    Unfortunately, I was unable to make the carnival this year. I apologise about that.

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