Labour worried about the BNP

Another article on this.

Funny that the article is silent on two things – (1) How Labour have completely cocked things up on race relations in many parts of Britain and (2) that after nearly 12 years of a Labour Government, things have never so good for the BNP.

The truth is that Labour – with a few honourable exceptions – are part of the problem.

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One Response to “Labour worried about the BNP”

  1. Phil Andrews Says:

    If stopping the BNP winning seats was her main priority, she wouldn’t only be telling voters to go out and vote Labour. Under the PR system that operates for the Euro elections a vote for ANY other party or candidate will make the BNP’s task harder, as it needs a set percentage of the vote in order to gain a seat.

    I’m afraid this is the old tactic of using the racist threat to scare people into voting Labour, even when Labour doesn’t deserve their vote. As we’ve seen ourselves at local elections, where the BNP doesn’t exist these people often feel the need to pretend that it does. Would it be stretching credulity to suggest that the Labour government has consciously sustained the BNP, albeit at a containable level, for this very purpose? It has certainly received a great deal more publicity during recent years than its political significance merits.

    The best way to keep the BNP out in the Euro elections is to go out and vote for any candidate other than the BNP. It doesn’t have to be Labour, and in my case it is unlikely to be for the foreseeable future.

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