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Electoral Calculus is predicting a 1.71% majority for Labour at the next election. All to play for and maybe it explains why Labour are putting out desperate leaflets referring to the streets not being cleaned and showing one picture where they have not even stated where this land is? I am interested to know whether any of the Local (I assume Labour) Councillors has reported the matter and have a reference number to show for it?


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  1. Phil Andrews Says:

    Of course they haven’t, silly!

    Whilst they are interesting for the purposes of debate, these sites tend to base their predictions on national trends and pay scant attention to local factors.

    My recollection of 2005 is that a number of traditional Labour voters supported Mr. Keen with their hands pinched very firmly on their noses as a consequence of his and his wife’s flagrant exploitation of the rules governing parliamentary expenses.

    I would agree that there is all to play for in F&H, but my instinctive feeling is that Le Keen is destined to be joining his wife on the red benches of history.

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