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Out and about in Heston today – if anyone from there reads this, please let me know if you have any question or comment about the leaflet.


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  1. Brian Gooding Says:

    What is the point of voting when you have given the running of the council to a private company (Liberata) on a ten year contract. A company that you do not advertise anywhere

    This company is unaccutable to anyone even the ombutsman and they deal with complaints about themselves, themselves

    When I went to complain I was told by a senior person and I quote

    I do not care what the you say, I do not care what the councillors say, and I do not care what the Cheif Executive says, I am not employed by the council

    I also had a letter sent to me by the company without a stamp

    The Cheif executive stopped the complaint going to the commitee of councilers

    When you get back to where we were our votes do count, that will be better. It is just a waste of time it does not matter who gets in. The ten year contract stops everything. I expect this company is job for the boys when they are retiered

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      If you provide me with the reference for your complaint, I will look into the allegations that you have made about an Officer preventing the complaint going further.

      There are three stages of Hounslow’s Complaints Procedure (four if you include the LGO stage). With regards to Liberata, they do the Stage 1 for complaints about their service. Stage 2 is carried out by a client side Officer and Stage 3 goes to a panel of Councillors.

  2. Brian Gooding Says:

    Just like all of you just answer the question you want to answer not the rest of it. I know how the appeals work, not very well
    Just because at the time my complaint crossed over from the old system to the new it was not allowed to be heard by a committe of councillors

    Again do you think it right that Liberata should look at any complaints about themselves. That infact they delayed my daughters complaint four years and yes I know that Liberata was not there at the beginning of all this, but they are now

    Are you going to get rid of this company and take it back inhouse?

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      This posting explains why your complaint did not come to the panel of Councillors and is very different to the impression you gave in your original posting.

      I believe that it is right that the likes of Liberata or Laing are able to respond to complaints at stage 1 of the complaints procedure. I also believe it is right that I set up the Members Panel to consider Stage 3 Complaints as it has been a massive success. If anyone is unhappy with a response from Liberata at stage 1, they can escalate to stage 2.

      I am aware of no plans to discuss taking the services provided by Liberata back in-house.

  3. Brian Gooding Says:

    Well that has put your position very clearly and that is there is no democracy in Hounslow. There is no accountablety in Hounslow only if complaints are allowed to come through the maze of bureaucracy. then when all else fails the ombutsman service can not deal with private companies. I say again following on from the MP, Liberta seems like Jobs for the Boys. It also shows me that the tory party has not changed not one little bit. By the way houslow admitted the wrong and gave my daughter £100 in compensation freely, but have done nothig to put thing right like stopping Liberata investigating themselves so no change with you then. If you looked you would find lots of complaints but as usual you do not want to look. Why do not Advertise Liberata as running lots of local sevices in Hounslow look as I might on Hounslows web there is nothing about them

  4. Mark Bowen Says:

    No Councillor has been more passionate about improving the record of dealing with complaints than me. The Local Government Ombudsman has recognised the turnaround since decisions I made were implemented.

    I do not see where you are coming from as whilst Liberata can investigate complaints at stage 1, the Council takes over if matters goto stages 2 and 3.

  5. Brian Gooding Says:

    You still do not understand the private companies managed to lose vital time dead lined papers for four years before I stepped in, and I found lots of abuse and blocking tactics by this company and only found out it was a private company when as I said before I was told by a senior man from Liberata. I quote that he did not care what I thought, What The Cheif Exxcertive thought, and did not care what the councillors thought. I am not employed by the council. What I am saying is you are only seeing what they want you to see you either want not to see that or what I do not know. Untill you see what is actully happerning you never will get the whole picture and you will still think that you have been successful with the last stag

    The only proper reaction I got was from in house employees of Hounslow council

    I ask again why are you not open with the voters about Liberata are you so worried about the general public finding out or what and please answer all the questions not the ones you want

  6. Brian Gooding Says:

    I see you do not want to face any type of reality of any kind. I can only hope that the next lot of councillors take back control of the council from non democratic private company control

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