A nice St David’s Day

Spent it with my family at the Westfield Shopping Centre – first time I have been there and it was very nice.  It reminded me about a discussion the Council’s Executive had last week about Hounslow High Street.  Whilst I made positive remarks about Hounslow, I agreed that it under performs.  I really hope that there will be improvements in the future and I know that the Leader, Peter Thompson, is very focused on this.

These things are not always easier and I do wander how saturated the High Street (or shopping hub) market is?  In our Borough, we have half a dozen or so High Streets.  We are also surrounded by Kingston, Richmond, Staines, Uxbridge, Westfield, Brent Cross, Ealing etc etc.

My gut instinct is that the future of High Streets in our Borough is to ensure that the local content is well embedded.  But what do I know?

Back to the title of this posting, I did not have anything Welsh to eat or drink and have no rugby victory to celebrate either!

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