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Visit from David Willets MP

March 30, 2009

David Willets MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills, came to Feltham to listen to our concerns about the recent question mark over funding for a new skills centre in the Feltham area.  In attendance were me, Victoria Eadie (Head Teacher at Feltham Community College), Marjorie Semple (Principle West Thames College), Cllr Paul Lynch (Lead Member Children’s Services and Lifelong Learning) & Angela Rench (Officer from LBH).  We took a walk around the proposed site and had a very constructive discussion about the specific issues in Feltham.

This is the second time he has visited the constituency in as many years.  I am hugely grateful to him for his time – he offered some excellent advice!


L to R:  Mark Bowen, Victoria Eadie, Marjorie Semple, David Willets MP, Cllr Paul Lynch


Despite the acknowledgement that the footprint of the site has been a constraint, it does go further back than someone may expect when looking at it from the High Street.  I am pleased to hear of the college talking about further community benefit if this goes ahead e.g. voluntary groups, luncheon clubs etc.

No stone must be left unturned to achieve our goal of raising the profile of skills training in Feltham.

So much for the Front Page headline in last week’s Chronicle about us letting the site go to rot!

Recycling 2

March 20, 2009

Not received one email about collections this week.  Will be interesting to see the position in 24 hours time.


March 18, 2009

This week I am away with the family in the Cayman Islands (where my wife is from originally).  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have terrible withdrawl symptons when not using email so I have been checking (less frequently than usual) thus far.  The main issues being raised with me is the unacceptable performance of the recycling service in the past couple of weeks.  It is a problem throughout the Borough and I know that the Lead Member, Barbara Reid, is working very very hard to address the matter.  This article is interesting.

If you have a missed collection, it is terribly important that you report it here.

What has amazed me whilst in the Cayman Islands is just how much recycling is in its infancy.  Even the glass bottles are not recycled.

Skills Centre

March 13, 2009

Last night, there was an agenda item at the West Area Planning Meeting regarding the above (for consultation).   See agenda item 6.

As it came for consultation only, I participated.  There were a number of objectors and some good points were made.

Aside from Planning, I remain a strong supporter of this idea.    I also noted this about some of the financial issues

Shakespeare Avenue

March 11, 2009

I have received some complaints about a number of matters recently, including the number of potholes.  I took a look this evening and residents are right to be concerned.  I have just reported this matter.

Latest from Electoral Calculus

March 9, 2009

Electoral Calculus is predicting a 1.71% majority for Labour at the next election. All to play for and maybe it explains why Labour are putting out desperate leaflets referring to the streets not being cleaned and showing one picture where they have not even stated where this land is? I am interested to know whether any of the Local (I assume Labour) Councillors has reported the matter and have a reference number to show for it?

In Heston today

March 7, 2009

Out and about in Heston today – if anyone from there reads this, please let me know if you have any question or comment about the leaflet.

Walk home from Feltham High Street this afternoon

March 7, 2009

Walked through Feltham Park (Nursery Close side) and looking good.

Did, however, notice the following:


Will report the bags and tagging on bins on Monday.

Of more concern, is an ongoing issue of litter in the bushes at the side of the path after you turn left at the higher end of Helen Avenue:




Will be discussing with Officers at the Council what can be done.  Will report back!

Busy but brilliant week

March 6, 2009

The headline has to be the fact that we have frozen the Council Tax for the third time in a row.  This is one of the best stories in Local Government.  No longer is Hounslow, London’s forgotten Borough.  And, for the first time, no increase in the London Precept – Conservatives really do cost you less.

And, we are now a Four Star rated Council. 

Lots of protest at the Borough Council Meeting from those concerned about the proposal to withdraw the General Fund contribution to the Hounslow Language Service.  I had a little banter with one or two when walking in but on reflection I am not certain if they realised that?

Feltham High Street

March 6, 2009

Yesterday morning, Cllr Barbara Reid (Lead Member for the Environment), Cllr Barbara Harris (Feltham West Councillor), an Officer from the Environment Department and I carried out an inspection of Feltham High Street.


I was extremely concerned about:

1) The issue of rats in the area, which had received coverage in the local press;

2) Fly-tipping at the former Feltham Community Association site;

3) A couple of complaints about the general condition of the High Street.

It was well worth the visit.  Number 2 has been cleared but I cannot find the picture I took.  Here are some pictures:

Work appeared to be taking place on the Longford River, for which the Rivers Authority are responsible:


The other side did not look too bad:


We then moved onto Bridge Pond.  Saw some litter on the way:


No idea what the following was about but Officers will enquire which firm/agency left things that way:


An example of some Rat Baiting around Bridge Pond:


Enquiries will be made about the next two, I think for obvious reasons:



In the alley next to New Chapel Square:


The graffiti will need to be removed.

From another angle:


Cllr Andrews will be pleased to hear about a new CCTV Camera going in:


The pond in the High Street looked in good shape in my view:



Some tagging:


The High Street itself did not look too bad in my view:



The following has already been reported: