Save our Pubs

Glad to see this campaign has been launched.  I do not think it should be under-estimated just how bad the smoking ban has been for so many lots of pubs & clubs in this country.

As much as I would not have voted for the ban, I am not certain that it is possible to go back.


One Response to “Save our Pubs”

  1. Bob Says:

    After over a year of experience here in Chicago, trying to ban smoking in small neighborhood “shot and beer” bars is pretty useless. Many small bars in my area ignore the ban to keep their customers, neighbors, and local police (many are patrons when off duty) satisfied. The problem of undesirables being attracted by groups of people outside the bars and causing disturbances on the PUBLIC street, property that the owner has no control over, far outweighs the issue of people peacefully smoking inside a bar, bothering absolutly no one. Bars ignoring the ban also result in fewer kids being exposed to more smoke than ever before at home when adults gather there instead of at a local bar.

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