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Clear as Night is Day

November 26, 2008

A gaffe of mine at Borough Council last night.  Apart from that, it went well.

Can’t believe that it has been two weeks since I last posted.  Did have a period of being unwell but since than have started deliverying in Feltham West.  Any residents from there, please feel free to say what you thought of the leaflet.

Up early in the morning?

November 13, 2008

I am and will be on Sunrise TV at around 7am.  Sky Digital 830.  I am reviewing the papers!

Interesting debate on Heathrow

November 12, 2008

The debate in the House on Heathrow yesterday is well worth reading:

John Randall (against expansion) and David Wilshire (for) gave excellent speeches – and Labour MPs Fiona Mactaggart, Chris Mullin, Martin Salter, John McDonnell all made very effective contributions against expansion.

Here is the contribution to the debate from Alan Keen:

An excellent contribution from him, with exception of his response to Geoff Hoon’s intervention – which seemed odd and incomplete. 
But I do not want to take away from him, what was an effective speech.  What I particularly liked about his speech was his heavier focus on mixed mode than on the 3rd runway.

There is genuinely hardly any difference at all between Alan Keen and I on Heathrow.

Please tell me that this is not true!

November 11, 2008

What on earth is this?

I have a lot of respect for the effective way in which those opposed to expansion have run their campaign but there is no prospect of me supporting the idea that we should ship (or fly) 11,000 or so jobs from this Borough.

Over the years, Billions have been invested in Heathrow.  It is beyond irresponsible to claim that those investments can be written off.  Whatever the view on Terminal 5 were, what is clear to anyone who has used it, the experience is something to be proud of and it must be competing extremely well with the best of Terminals throughout Europe.

My consistent line – held since the previous General Election – has not changed.  Within that mix, however, is a pride in Heathrow that provides such a decent living for me and so many of my constituents!

Lest we Forget!

November 9, 2008

Not too far away!

November 6, 2008

With a few exceptions, I was rather accurate.  It is fascinating how polarised America is.  Take a look at this CNN resource.  GOP clearly do better in rural areas and the Democrats in Cities (and increasingly suburban areas).

One of the most important thing that politicians must do in their career – in my view – is be gracious if they encounter defeat.  I loved McCain’s speech.

Congrats to Obama – an excellent campaign from a very intelligent man!

My prediction(s) for tonight

November 4, 2008

Here is what I am going to go with:

State Electoral College Votes Prediction
Alabama 9 REP
Alaska 3 REP
Arizona 10 REP
Arkansas 6 REP
California 55 DEM
Colorado 9 DEM
Connecticut 7 DEM
Delaware 3 DEM
Florida 27 DEM
Georgia 15 REP
Hawaii 4 DEM
Idaho 4 REP
Illinois 21 DEM
Indiana 11 DEM
Iowa 7 DEM
Kansas 6 REP
Kentucky 8 REP
Louisiana 9 REP
Maine 4 DEM
Maryland 10 DEM
Massachusetts 12 DEM
Michigan 17 DEM
Minnesota 10 DEM
Mississippi 6 REP
Missouri 11 REP
Montana 3 REP
Nebraska 5 REP
Nevada 5 DEM
N Hampshire 4 DEM
New Jersey 15 DEM
New Mexico 5 REP
New York 31 DEM
North Carolina 15 DEM
North Dakota 3 REP
Ohio 20 DEM
Oklahoma 7 REP
Oregon 7 DEM
Pennsylvania 21 REP
Rhode Island 4 DEM
South Carolina 8 REP
South Dakota 3 REP
Tennessee 11 DEM
Texas 34 REP
Utah 5 REP
Vermont 3 DEM
Virginia 13 REP
Washington 11 DEM
West Virginia 5 REP
Wisconsin 10 DEM
Wyoming 3 REP

I make that 336 Electoral College Votes for the Democrats!  Hope I am wrong but pretty confident about this.  Note I am suggesting that Pennsylvania will buck the trend a little.

Recent Trafalgar Dinner

November 3, 2008

We have a dinner every year to pay tribute to Admiral Nelson!

David Burrowes MP was our Guest Speaker at the most recent dinner and what a pleasure it was.  As I said, during my Vote of Thanks, I regularly plug the fact that I achieved an 8.4% swing last time.  Well, he achieved an 8.7% swing at the same election and was elected.  Naturally, I asked him for some tips on how it is done!

From left to right: Tony Arbour (Local Assembly member), Me, David Burrowes MP, Tony Viney (Feltham & Heston Association Chairman) and Mrs Burrowes.