Single White Group Funding?

When I first read this, I had two thoughts.  Was this a tactic to embedd single group further or was this a genuine response to series problems that have arisen in Britain (overwhelmingly caused by New Labour)?

I have a great deal more time for Trevor Phillips than I did for his two predecessors so I will assume the latter (though do not expect him to blame New Labour).

My view is that this response is not the answer to the problems he raises.  It is the colour focussed approach that has contributed towards this mess.  New Labour – and other parts of the establishment – failed to understand that when there is a focus on “groups” some “groups” will be left out and arguably the group that felt most left out by New Labour were thousands of white working class people.  Privately, many Labour activists recognise this.

The answer is to treat everyone with respect and accept that we truly need to move away from such a race obsessed culture.

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