Very hopeful on Feltham Park

Councillors Hutchison, Wilson and I attended an inspection of Feltham Park and Poets Corner on Tuesday.  With regards to the latter, we have lift off (well, some maintenance):

 With regards to Feltham Park, my views are as follows:

  • I have already seen a big improvement with the level of litter picking.  I take this view because I always see less litter (and broken glass) than before;
  • Some defects in the childrens’ play area (that I recently reported) have been made safe;
  • The tagging on the equipment (that I recently reported) in the childrens’ play area has been removed;
  • Some paths in the park are not ideal (but I expect that there are worst examples in other parks- the worst in Feltham Park was removed a few years ago);
  • There are still bits of overgrowth in and around the park that are untidy;
  • The pond, whilst not quite as bad as before, remains the Achilles heal of the park

With regards to the last three, I accept that these need time and my expectation is that there will be big improvements 12 months from now.  There is a real opportunity with the Winter Maintenance Programme!

Here is the picture of the pond on Tuesday:

It is the green surface that bothers post people.  It is clearly not as great or thick as before but I really hope that this will be maintained weekly and we will eventually have a clear pond.  The lifebuoy and other appartaus being in the pond remains a problem.

It will take time but as far as Feltham North goes, there has been a decent start on the part of Laing and Continental.  I am very optimistic about the future of the parks and open spaces in Feltham North.

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