Feltham Arenas

I hope to post more about this over the weekend but when I was away on my hols, I was alerted that a number of residents in Shaftesbury Avenue have been concerned about the cutting down of trees at the rear of their properties.  We are looking into this.

Not withstanding the above, it is good to see some action on this site.  The time taken to discharge planning conditions was very frustrating for me and colleagues.  I popped over on Tuesday evening.  The main difference, of course, is with the stand – which has had to come down due to fears of vandalism, ASB, Health & Safety and the like – work is almost complete.  I took one picture as it went dark:

A lot of work is clearly now taking place.  This maybe of interest to residents (note if you do not click on link within short period after this posting, the link may refer to another site)?

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