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“Labour slum flats scandal”

July 19, 2008

Read all about it!

Wonder if Labour intend to make the findings of their Group Officers public?

The latest Half Year Report – out and about today

July 19, 2008

Please let me know if you comments about the content or anything you would like to have seen in it.  I have been out and about most of today (nice day for it) and have delivered to Buckingham Avenue, Rosslyn Avenue, Lansbury Avenue, Harlington Road West, Clymping Dene, Walsham Road, The Vale, Mill Way, Roman Close, River Gardens, plus sections of Hounslow Road & Staines Road.

As usual, I have taken my camera out with me in case there is anything I need to report.  Taken some already and will post a selection later.

Samuel Coates

July 17, 2008

Many congratulations to Feltham resident, Sam Coates, on this news.

I have not known Sam a very long time but it did not take long for Sam to really impress me and others in the area.  A hugely unassuming and polite chap who is passionate and caring about the issues.

He has so much to offer and will be a huge asset for David Cameron.

Congrats Sam!

A quick review of yesterday’s news

July 17, 2008

Immigration ‘harming communities’

In fairness to Liam Byrne (whom I think is very bright), he only became an MP in 2004.  I wonder whether he would be prepared to condemn the approach taken by New Labour between 1997 & 2001 towards anyone who expressed seriously concerns about the scale of immigration?

Straw unveils elected Lords plan

I know I seem to be in a minority but I am opposed to an elected second Chamber.  An article from Lord Norton gives some very good argument against.

Brown defends fuel duty decision

Clearly lots more needs to be done but ofcourse this is better than nothing.  I overhead someone predicting that prices could go down as the economy goes into recession because there will be less demand for petrol.  If the economy does get worse (obviously I hope it does not), then I do not think the price of petrol will decrease for a while (but I hope I am wrong)!

Council workers walk out over pay

It will not surprise anyone to hear that I do not support the demands of the Union.  Some rather unpleasant comments reported on Conservative Home.  Here is the latest in Hounslow.  Please keep checking the front page of the Council’s website.

Launch of assembly power debate

OK, not yesterday’s news but why do I see the recommendation of more powers a foregone conclusion.  I urge every fellow Welshmen and women living in Wales not to support anything further.  The Union is good for Wales and lets not increase the injustice currently inflicted on people living in England by the current constitutional settlement.

More about me!

July 16, 2008

My profile is now online.

This week’s rubbish collection!

July 15, 2008

If you have your rubbish collected on a Thursday, this will cause some inconvenience.

I would say around 50% of Feltham North will be impacted, along with most of Hanworth Park & Hanworth.

The latest on Planning Enforcement!

July 15, 2008

There was the latest Sustainable Development Committee meeting last night.  Take a look at agenda item 19 – 73 Basildene Road.

It is a Councillor who owns the property!  And, this is the type of breach that causes most residents the most concern.

Any guesses at what the explanation will be from the Councillor and that Councillor’s Leader?  Unaware of the rules perhaps?  Witch hunt from the Tories perhaps?

More on this later….

Been quiet on here!

July 15, 2008

Sorry for the lack of action on the blog.  Last week, I was knocked for six with a bout of Bronchitis.   I have been making a number of enquiries about open spaces in the West Area of the Borough.  I expect to see some major improvements in the next month, particularly to sites that have not received maintenance since the previous Labour administration removed those sites from the contract.

Also keen to give Your Own Home event a plug.  Hope that this is as successful as previous events to do with Low Cost Home Ownership.

Lets get back to the action!

Cameron Direct

July 8, 2008

I attended the above held at Brentford School for Girls yesterday evening.  You could watch this again.

The format was a brief introduction from David Cameron and then straight into questions.  It was great to part of a real public meeting as I have always held the view that one of the damaging consequences of the media age has been to diminish this form of engagement.

There was no difficult ball bowled but some very interesting exchanges nonetheless.

The next Half Year Report in Feltham North

July 7, 2008

Now that the Pedestrian Island in Staines Road is complete (I hope to post about this in the next few days), we are ready to draft the next leaflet.

Whilst, we already have too much to cover one leaflet, do shout if you would like updates on anything specific and you believe other residents would be interested also!