Rubbish in Bedfont Lane

I drove down the above at around 2:45pm this afternoon and here is some of what I saw:

And, on the junction with Tachbrook Road:

Back to Bedfont Lane (Feltham West side):

And Hawkes Road (off Bedfont Lane):

I will make some enquiries about this asap e.g why this and by when resolved?

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3 Responses to “Rubbish in Bedfont Lane”

  1. Phil Andrews Says:


    As fate would have it Caroline and I were today alerted to this very problem by people we know in Bedfont Lane, and we too have raised it with the relevant department so hopefully something will get done sharpish.

  2. CAroline Andrews Says:

    this afternoon collection or Saturday morning

  3. Mark Bowen Says:

    Welcome to the forum Caroline and thank you to you and Phil for the comments.

    Yes, I made an enquiry yesterday afternoon and the hope is that there will be some catchup today.

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