Some things to report in Feltham North

As promised, here is a selection (not including everthing as it would some ages to download) pictures of things I will be reporting to the relevant departments tomorrow (having taken them yesterday whilst out and about delivering leaflets).

1) The following is what I saw from Staines Road (opposite the entrance to Roman Close).  The footway, not that I recalled it being used, appears to be covered with lots of overgrowth.  Will post more on the blog when I find out more:

2) A footway defect in Hounslow Road (outside the hotel):

I will write on the blog when I am informed the date by when this defect will be repaired.

3) A branch that is certainly getting in the way of people in Hounslow Road (near the entrance to Feltham Park):

I hope that this obstruction will be removed as soon as possible.

4) Knocked over bollard by the shops in Hounslow Road.  This happens quite regularly.  I will ask for this to be replaced and hopefully there is something stronger out there?

5) Finally (for now), one of the things I was keen to see is how many black bags were out (I am referring to streets in Feltham North that receive a Thursday collection – approximately 50% of the ward).  There was certainly a lot less in Lansbury Avenue than compared to Thursday evening.  Here are two examples where bags were still out (Clymping Dene & Hounslow Road):








The second of the two pictures above is a thumbnail.  I wonder whether this size is sufficient for most people as it is much quicker to download etc.

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