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A busy evening!

July 29, 2008

After a briefing on two other matters, I had two meetings this evening – the Affordable Housing Panel and the Executive, which I chaired as the Leader is away.

Some interesting stuff in both.  With regards to the latter we got a consensus on agenda item 9 that I did not expect.  Well introduced by Councillor Paul Lynch and some useful local information from Councillor Linda Nakamura.

We received a report from Overview and Scrutiny that would be of interest to most residents, namely on parking (agenda item 8).  Post any feedback here!

I took public transport home and noticed a lot of progress with the new hotel near where Safeway used to be:

I was not family with Etap until I drove past it on the M4 by Newport.  It has a very European look about it.  One thing that is worth commenting on in Central Hounslow is the growth of Hotels.

Sorry if the pictures are not clear.  It started getting dark!

Surgeries today

July 26, 2008

May see you at Sparrow Farm Residents Club between 10:30 and noon or at Feltham Library between 2 and 3:30?

Update on rubbish

July 26, 2008

Councillor Gill Hutchison has informed me this morning that the rubbish in Bedfont Lane was cleared early this morning.

More leaflets out today

July 26, 2008

Been out and about in Park Way, Cambria Court, finished Hounslow Road, Harlington Road East, finished Harlington Road West, Field Road (not the flats) and Becketts Close (not the flats or Lavender Court).

A good work out because it was very warm indeed.  I kept a keen eye on rubbish still out.  Here was some in Park Way:

I saw some more in Harlington Road East:

But I did not have the same concern because on closer inspection:

Residents in Bedfont Lane, Manor Lane, Cassiobury Avenue & Letchworth Avenue will have received a leaflet yesterday!

Previous thing reported

July 26, 2008

Remember the branches blocking peoples’ way?   Here is the latest:

Feltham Park is looking very good

July 26, 2008

I could not help but be impressed earlier today with the lack of litter in the park.  This is what I, and other residents, want to see in the future.

The pond is looking a little better than before but there is a long way to go there.

I recently asked for an area, where there were once seats, to be swept thoroughly (and this is the picture I sent off at the time):

I was informed that this required a shovel.  I noticed that this work was being completed yesterday afternoon:

The two men, whom I met, were doing a very good job.  Must have been especially tough today working in that sun – it was hard enough delivering leaflets!

Rubbish in Bedfont Lane

July 25, 2008

I drove down the above at around 2:45pm this afternoon and here is some of what I saw:

And, on the junction with Tachbrook Road:

Back to Bedfont Lane (Feltham West side):

And Hawkes Road (off Bedfont Lane):

I will make some enquiries about this asap e.g why this and by when resolved?

Glasgow East

July 25, 2008

I did not expect this result but I am not shocked that it happened.

There was an argument for hoping Labour would win if it meant keeping the current Prime Minister in his position.

A little more delivery this evening

July 22, 2008

Lovely weather!  I took my time and delivered the latest Half Year Report to Gladstone Avenue and Helen Avenue.  Of course, this was only possible because the planned Borough Council had been cancelled.

Picked up two bits of case work but did not get talking to many people.  Maybe everyone was having a pleasant time in their back gardens?

Do feel free to post any feedback – good or bad – on the latest leaflet.

Some of you may have noticed the digging up of the new pedestrian island in Staines Road earlier today.  This follows on from an email that was sent by a constituent (and copied to me) regarding drainage problems.  That is what the work today has been about.  I hope to see the lining corrected by the beginning of next week.

For those who have not seen the new island, here it the picture that is also on the front of the leaflet:

Back to the weather, I think we are in for a very warm night.

Some things to report in Feltham North

July 20, 2008

As promised, here is a selection (not including everthing as it would some ages to download) pictures of things I will be reporting to the relevant departments tomorrow (having taken them yesterday whilst out and about delivering leaflets).

1) The following is what I saw from Staines Road (opposite the entrance to Roman Close).  The footway, not that I recalled it being used, appears to be covered with lots of overgrowth.  Will post more on the blog when I find out more:

2) A footway defect in Hounslow Road (outside the hotel):

I will write on the blog when I am informed the date by when this defect will be repaired.

3) A branch that is certainly getting in the way of people in Hounslow Road (near the entrance to Feltham Park):

I hope that this obstruction will be removed as soon as possible.

4) Knocked over bollard by the shops in Hounslow Road.  This happens quite regularly.  I will ask for this to be replaced and hopefully there is something stronger out there?

5) Finally (for now), one of the things I was keen to see is how many black bags were out (I am referring to streets in Feltham North that receive a Thursday collection – approximately 50% of the ward).  There was certainly a lot less in Lansbury Avenue than compared to Thursday evening.  Here are two examples where bags were still out (Clymping Dene & Hounslow Road):








The second of the two pictures above is a thumbnail.  I wonder whether this size is sufficient for most people as it is much quicker to download etc.