Councillor Peter Carey – Honourary Freeman of the Borough

This is worth a posting in its own right.  One of the two items on the second agenda referred to in the previous post was to confer the above title to Peter Carey.  A very proud moment for the Conservative Group.  We now have two Freemen within our Group as Barbara Reid was bestowed with this last year.

I did not say anything about him during the tributes as the time was very late and everyone was very tired.

I would have made the point that the vast majority of Councillors become Councillors for one or both of the following reasons:

  1. They wish to serve residents;
  2. They wish to advance the cause of their political party, community group, independent group etc.

I feel that my commitment to the Council (as distinct from the above) grown stronger since being in administration.  However, and whilst Peter Carey is hugely committed to residents in his ward and to the Conservatives in the Borough, I always felt with Peter that unusual deliberate sense of responsibility and interest in the Council as a Corporate Body even when we were in opposition.  He was always asking about how the Council do better.

Of course, I am not saying all opposition Councillors do not care about the Council but I am confident that most Council colleagues will understand the point I am trying to make.

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