Impressive Council Tax collection



3 Responses to “Impressive Council Tax collection”

  1. C. Duke Says:

    Good work, but I have no doubt they are also fiddling the figures to some extent like other councils by attempting to manipulate the Valuation List.

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    Welcome to the blog and thank you for the comments. I am not certain how they, or any Council would do this. Could you explain further, please?

  3. Phil Andrews Says:


    C. Duke might be referring to the fact that the valuation process (as at 1991) was at best sloppy, and in practice resulted in many properties being placed in higher bandings than they really ought to have been. Victims were given the right to appeal but had to do so within six months of the valuation having been made, which in many cases was not possible. The ICG “saved” hundreds of properties in Isleworth from being taxed over the odds in 1994 by notifying those who had been over-valued that this had happened, but those who failed to appeal on time remain over-valued today and sadly there is nothing we as a local authority can do about it.

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