The latest from Councillor Jagdish Sharma

No response from him to my email of 13 May (which was chased on 23 May).

However, the comments he made at the 22 May meeting of the Central Hounslow Area Planning Committee are worthy of exposure.  Please see agenda item 8.  I have also listened to his comments on the Council’s webcast.

So a Council, whereby its Members of different Political Groups (and none) approve the authority to issue enforcement notices in respect of:

a) The conversion of family dwelling into flats without the benefit of planning permission; and

b) An outbuilding located in the rear garden equipped and used as a separate residential unit without the benefit of planning permission. institutionally racist?  Is he going to abstain on planning enforcement matters forever more?  And will he be able (or willing) to be subjected to the burden of proof?

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One Response to “The latest from Councillor Jagdish Sharma”

  1. Michael Bonin Says:

    As a Labour voter & resident of Hounslow I think someone needs to tell Cllr Sharma very directly that if as he contends the council are craking down on a certain section of the community on this issue then the reason is simply because that is the section of the community who are building these illegal structures in the first place!

    It’s about time something was dome about this and I applaud Hounslow Council. Let’s have no more of this corrupt leniency from the council towards friends, family or other members of their own community who wish to develop without authorised planning permission!

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