Letter sent to Alan Keen MP

Dear Mr Keen

It will come as no surprise to you that I am writing to you about the remarks you made at the ‘Save Our Homes’ event last Saturday at Osterley Hotel.  My response to what you said at the time will have indicated just how horrified I was.

The comments you made (and which I wrote down at the time) that cause me the most concern were:

  • That the [planning] culture has changed at the Council in the past couple of years and that when you represented the Hounslow West ward on the Council, the Local Authority recognised a different culture and would take a more lenient view for those with extended families;
  • Your claim that the rules were previously relaxed for Punjabi families.

You will recall that I stated openly that I considered the above approach fundamentally wrong, dangerous and extremely unhelpful for those of us who are working hard in the areas of community cohesion and maintaining good race relations locally.

I only have two questions to ask you:

  1. Would you provide examples of how rules were previously relaxed?
  2. On reflection, do you have any regrets about what you said last Saturday?

I believe that planning policies, such as the Council’s Unitary Development Plan (UDP), exist and apply equally to all residents.  Any planning permission, refusal or enforcement actions are made in accordance with the policies set out in the UDP and they set out the general direction in which change will be encouraged or resisted.  I would personally resist a relaxation of any of these policies for certain racial or ethnic groups.  I regret that we have a different point of view on this.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Mark Bowen
Conservative Parliamentary Candidate in Feltham & Heston

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5 Responses to “Letter sent to Alan Keen MP”

  1. Cllr Paul Fisher Says:

    Dear Mark,

    I find the comments made by Alan Keen discraceful,are there grounds for reporting him to the MP Standards Board?



  2. Adam Beamish Says:

    Dear Councillor Bowen,

    I may also require further information regarding the comments apparently expressed by Alan Keen MP as I consider them slanderous against my employment with the London Borough of Hounslow, as they clearly infer that the planning enforcement team that I managed treated residents differently depending upon their ethnicity.

    Adam Beamish

  3. shakib ahmad Says:

    I have recently written to you with reference to my housing but not yet received a reply.I am quite concerned as I am on tghe twelfh floor and my son keeps talking to his sisters about flying from the window which as you can imagine is a great worry for me as it is difficult to keep an eye on the children all the time.We are also having problems with a neighbour complaining about the noise the children make which we try to control but again this is difficult with three children under ten sharing a room and other space in a two bedroom flat.This is impacting on my own and my wifes health and my sons schoolwork, as he has no privacy or space to do his homework without his younger sisters disturbing him.I am constantly being asked by his teachers why his homework is not done and his reading and writing is not as it should be but as I have said previously he has little space or privacy to study.I hope that you can update me asap as this situation is becoming critical and I feel that it is not being taken seriously but the council and as I stress again both myself and my wife are becoming ill due to the stress and worry that this situation is causing us.
    I once again ask that you reply ASAP,
    Thank You

  4. Moreed ahmad Says:

    I have recently contacted you with reference to my housing situation.I am currently living in a one bedroom flat with my wife and baby and we have another child due later in the year.We are limited for space already and with a new baby due space will only become tighter.I would be grateful if you could look into my case further and contact me asap as the stress caused by this situation is making my wife ill and this is a worry to us both during her pregnancy.

  5. Mark Bowen Says:

    Dear Mssrs Ahmad,

    I have not received anything from either of you. Please email me a copy of this letter that you refer to.

    Thank you
    Mark Bowen

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