Latest Feltham North leaflet – did you get it?

Started delivering this earlier today (when the rain permitted) and it made reference to this blog.

If you saw it, please do say hello or give any feedback on the latest offering from your team in Feltham North.

Update: By tomorrow, all in Feltham North will have received the latest leaflet.  Later tonight, I will start making various enquiries/service requests, that have been generated simply through delivering leaflets  e.g. there is a dead pigeon on the footway in Dockwell Close, too much pigeon mess under a large tree in Hounslow Road and some glass on the footway in Mill Way!


One Response to “Latest Feltham North leaflet – did you get it?”

  1. Paul of Hatton Says:

    Yes we did, that’s how we found this site, thanks Paul n Emma

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