Scots follow Welsh on Prescription Charges. Scottish Tories follow SNP on budget.

I do not expect that the injustices caused by devolution will come up too regularly on the doorstep in Feltham and Heston.  However, I thought that an article in the Scotsman is well worth a read.  I remember Mr Forsyth being as opposed to devolution as me.

We have heard much about the Democratic Deficit caused by devolution.  This news raises the problem of the Economic Deficit.

I remember when free prescription charges were introduced in the Principality, I was equally concerned.  Notwithstanding my disagreement with such a universal benefit anywhere in the UK, this will clearly cause more English people to complain, especially when other parts of the United Kingdom are more dependent on UK public expenditure.  One of the best speeches I recall on this matter was not from a fellow Conservative, but the former brilliant Labour MP for Llanelli, Denzil Davies.

Back to Mr Forsyth, any chance we can do what all the King’s Horses and King’s men could not do and that is “put Humpty Dumpty back together again”?

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