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Rudy Giuliani has pulled out of the Republican race.  I am disappointed about how this has worked out because, lets face it, he is up there amongst those in the US who have the most name recognition here.   It is not simply that he has a record of achievement but I always like intelligent people who can pack their argument into a good message (no, I am not talking about spin) and put in a way that can be understood by all punters.

Giuliani is now backing John McCain (as I am, and to an extent for the same reasons as those expressed by Iain Dale).  A McCain-Giuliani ticket, perhaps?

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2 Responses to “As we thought…”

  1. James Eastwood Says:

    McCain is no different than Hiliary Clinton, except for the fact that he is a little prettier and hasn’t had a husband cheating on him. Neither one of them understands truly free enterprise, because neither one of them has had to meet a payroll or pay taxes to a blood sucking government. I can remember educating you about these kinds of things at 4:30 in the morning arguments. But I still love you man…….Jim

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    Nice to have a point of view on the US elections from your side of the pond!

    As I said in a previous posting, I do disagree with McCain on some things but give me him before a Democrat anyday! I think he is the best chance that the GOP have of winning!

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