Which US Presidential Candidate are you most like?

I read about Electoral Compass on Paul Bristow’s blog.  The site calculates which of the Presidential Candidates you are closest to in terms of policy.  As Paul points out, there are questions on abortion, gun control, and the death penalty that would never appear on a UK electoral compass.

Just took the test and the one I am closest to is Ron Paul, though not too far from Rudy Giuliani.  According to the site, my position is that I am economic right (though not hugely) and I am neither Social Conservative or Social Liberal (I am ever so slightly leaning towards the former).

The test takes a few minutes.  Where do you appear on the compass?

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2 Responses to “Which US Presidential Candidate are you most like?”

  1. John Nightingale Says:

    Loved the Electoral Compass test. I was assessed as a Social Liberal on the economic left with a closest match to Barack Obama. This would have been my guess before the test, so I’m pleased it accurately analysed my beliefs.

  2. Laurens Higler Says:

    Maybe a nice suggestion would be to select some themes in the right column which are most important to you. It is well possible that on a few themes which you consider most important, you are a progressive/conservative type.

    Try it, and I think it will give you more insight in your political position.

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