Wage cut to be an MP? Huge cost to get elected?

Another must read blog for any Conservative activist is the brilliant conservativehome.

Just came across an article about the financial impact that becoming an MP will have on some candidates.  I was not one of the candidates asked to take part in the survey but fortunately for me I will not see a reduction in my salary should the good people of Feltham and Heston decide to send me to Parliament.

To be honest, I breathe and even deeper sigh of relief when I read that 49% of those surveyed expect to incur costs of more than £41,500 in becoming an MP.  As friends know, I only applied to stand in this constituency because that is where my heart is and it is where I live.  I do not envy other candidates who need to travel long distances regularly (the price of petrol alone is bad enough), even if they are standing in seats that are seen as more winnable.

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