I finally got round to starting my blog!

It is certainly my intention to make regular comments and I expect that most of these will relate to the London Borough of Hounslow, my time as Parliamentary Candidate in Feltham & Heston and, of course, goings on in my wonderful Feltham North ward.

There are lots of tremendous political blogs out there, some of which have become a daily must read.  As always, I am keen to manage expectations and to paraphrase Lloyd Benson (Democrat Vice-Presidential Candidate in 1988) when he compared Dan Quayle (GOP Vice-Presidential Candidate in 1988)  to his friend, President Kennedy, I ain’t no Iain Dale!

Looking forward to sharing information/news/gossip and exchanging points of view with you!

4 Responses to “Finally!”

  1. Phil Andrews Says:


    It’s already taking the shape of an informative and interesting blog. Not that I agree with everything you have to say (US politics in particular has as much interest to me as a Swansea match!), but I shall make sure I visit from time to time and contribute where appropriate.

    I’m slightly peeved that it got off the ground before mine and thus depriving me of any claim to originality, but hopefully we will start a trend.

    Good luck with it.

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    Many thanks and I look forward to your posts. Let us know when you launch your blog so that I can put it on my blogroll.

  3. James Eastwood Says:

    When did you become such a flaming socialist to back a guy like McCain? I’m really disappointed that our many late nights didn’t pay off better.


  4. Mark Bowen Says:

    Welcome Jim! Don’t worry, I only go red when Wales are playing!

    Hope the weather is not too cold over in WA at the moment!

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